Hanging Sign

A hanging sign (likewise called a swing sign) is a hanging twofold sided sign that is joined to a customer facing facade. It is distinguishable from two headings, guaranteeing that individuals will have the capacity to unmistakably observe your sign from the ever-swarmed New York City roads. A hanging sign can have something as straightforward as your business’ logo to any data you might need to transfer to potential clients.

We additionally make hanging light boxes. A hanging light box resembles a normal light box with the extra component of being twofold confronted.

What hanging sign alternatives are accessible?

Notwithstanding on the off chance that you need a hanging sign that is round or square, enormous or little, our specialists can make signs in any shape or size that you need!

We can make your swing signs out of:

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Aluminum

Also, these signs can be:

  • Hand painted
  • Carefully printed
  • Screen printed

Custom hues are not an issue! You can have bright logos or letters on your hanging sign with the alternative of 3D lettering or vinyl glue decals. For the individuals who might want to add to the astonish of New York City during the evening, our swing signs can be enlightened.


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